13.900 kr

Cornucopia otherwise known as The Horn of Plenty is a symbol of an overflowing abundance, a contemplation focused away from any type of unfulfilled personal needs or wants.

The expansive, all-encompassing Eau de Parfum lets you fall back, breathe easy and feel as if you will never need anything again. 

Each raw material represents its own component by weaving mini fragrances into the fragrance, which combine to form a complex composition. It's a modern blend that combines bitter, cold spices with warm, liquorice-like and animal notes. The dark atmosphere of the cumin, frankincense and styrax is enhanced by lighter ingredients like green and pink pepper and cypress wood. That fits unique note Bigarane, a gentle green note that is reminiscent of petitgrain and can only be found in very few fragrance compositions. The black musk and candied fig develop the fragrance into an addicting and captivating, original and lucrative fragrance universe. 

Top notes:
Green pepper, Bigarane, Cypress Wood

Heart notes:
Cumin, Angelica, Incense

Base notes:
Candied Fig, Styrax, Black Musk

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